Contraindications and warnings

The APS Therapy device is completely safe and every user without medical background is allowed to treat himself with it. If you want to treat others, the training for APS therapist is recommended.


APS therapy has a symptom-relieving effect, caused by a process in which the self-healing possibilities of the body are activated. Manufacturers of APS Therapy equipment do not claim that APS Therapy "cures", although treatment often speeds up the healing process. However, it can be said that APS Therapy is a therapy that significantly improves the quality of life.

APS Therapy is intended to treat the symptoms related to the diagnosis of a doctor. There is no claim that APS Therapy is a replacement for medical treatment for a clinical condition diagnosed by a physician.

General warnings:

  1. In case of pain relief with APS therapy, always convince yourself of the cause of the pain (eg diagnosis of the general practitioner). Pain can be a signal that other medical treatment is also necessary.
  2. The APS device should not be used during activities requiring full concentration (such as driving, working with machines)
  3. Do not use the APS device in the vicinity of shortwave or microwave equipment, as this can cause fluctuations in the output power of the APS device.
  4. In case of doubt, contact APS Therapy. Tel: 026-4790900, e-mail:
APS Therapy may not be used by:
  1. Individuals suffering from epilepsy
  2. Persons with an electrical implant (eg pacemaker)
  3. Persons who have had an acute thrombosis or infarction (up to 12 weeks after their occurrence)
  4. Women who are pregnant
  5. Children below the age at which they can indicate what they feel
  6. Persons suffering from cancer

Prosthesis and passive implants:

The APS Therapy device can be safely used by patients with knee and / or hip prostheses or other prostheses or metal implants.