This program has been developed and designed by professionals and experts in APS therapy for users of APS Therapy equipment.

The treatment schedules in this program relate to treating the complaints that a patient experiences as a result of the illness or location mentioned.

With one click on the location or the name of the complaint you want to deal with, there is a complete treatment schedule with instructions on your screen. This can be used from the screen, but can also be printed to give to someone who wants to treat themselves at home with APS Therapy.

You may have questions about a treatment, about the results of a treatment or about the functioning of your APS Therapy device. You are then requested to contact:

APS Therapy
Mr. B. M. Teldersstraat 7
6842 CT Arnhem
The Netherlands

We wish you much pleasure and convenience in using this program.

Do not forget to read the contraindications before you start.