Insomnia treatment with APS Therapy

insomnia treatment with APS TherapyInsomnia is a growing problem. Insomnia can affect the health of people extremely negatively. Obviously there are many things that can and should be paid attention to as insomnia;

  • fresh air in the sleeping room
  • do not watch TV in bed
  • no caffeinated drinks like coffee before bedtime
  • etc..

We all know these advices, but what if that does not help, and you still keep suffering from insomnia? It may be that your body’s cells need some help. With the special ear clips from APS Therapy you can also treat insomnia very well besides the well known treatment of headache and anxiety with the APS machine. In the picture we see the disastrous consequences of too little sleep in the long run. Not being able to sleep well is not only unpleasant but also very bad for your health.

You will notice that when you are treating with APS Therapy that your insomnia very quickly is reduced and that you can enjoy your refreshing sleep again. You will much easier get through all the different stages of sleep which regenerates your cells much easier and will give you a much fitter sensation when awake. These different phases ensure that you can recover so the next morning both your body and mind are fit again! Physically and mentally

What can I do with APS Therapy?

Besides the treatment of insomnia APS Therapy can be used for more complaints. the effects of APS Therapy mainly due to the increase of the cell energy. The main purpose of the APS Therapy treatment is to increase the cell’s energy (ATP). After the APS Therapy treatment the cell’s energy is being increased up to 5 to 8 times more than usual. This cell energy is used to revive the cell during the night. This energy boost cannot only be used for improvement of sleep but is also widely used for treatment of chronic pain symptoms, lack of energy and recovery problems.

What should I do?

You can contact your local distributor for more information and if no distributor is near feel free to contact the head office in the Netherlands. From here we can assist you in different languages like Dutch, English and German. Even when no local representative is present we can still support you with treatment advice and plans free of charge!

You think it is part of you... not being able to sleep properly and if you fall asleep you wake up again after alf an hour not being able to sleep after 4 am. That is history now for me! Since a friend of me told me about the APS Therapy I got myself a machine and started treating myself. Since I started the treatment I sleep much better and I can finally rest and feel much fitter when I wake up in the morning! I finally got rid of my insomnia...