• APS Therapy products

APS Therapy products

For many years APS Therapy is engaged in the development and manufacturing of micro current therapy products for the pain and energy control. Our products can be divided into several categories:

  • APS Therapy machines
  • APS Accessories
  • APS Consumables


APS Therapy machines

The APS equipment consists of equipment for human use, the famous APS MK 4 but in addition we also produce equipment for the veterinary sector. Think of the APS Dairy Cell for treatment of dairy cattle and the APS EquiChamp for the treatment of horses. Ask us if you want to know more about veterinary products.

Are you looking for an APS Therapy machine for personal use within the family and then the APS MK 4 is best for you. The APS MK 4 is ready to start!

Do you desire more than an APS Therapy machine for personal use and want to use your APS Therapy machine professionally? Then the APS MK 4 Pro is the set you are looking for! With this set you will have a professional machine that is fully equipped for all possible APS treatments.


APS accessories

The APS accessories are products that can be used with your APS machine and have a long life span.

APS consumables

In this category you’ll find the adhesive electrodes (UltraStim X Blue electrodes) and other products that are being used with the APS Therapy machine that need to be replaced periodically.