Researches APS Therapy

In the past years many researches have proven the effects of APS Therapy Dese research documents have been combined in an easy to read document with hi-lighted sections.

Research is important to deliver the proof of the effects of APS Therapy and therefore more research is done so we can learn more about the effects.

We hope you enjoy reading these researches about APS Therapy

In 2014 we presented a new research that shows the positive effect of APS Therapy with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Here you can download this research:

Action-Potential-Simulation-Therapy-APS-Therapy-for-pain-in-people-with-MS-Report (April 2014)_Pagina_07

APS Therapy for pain in people with MS.

Download your research document of APS Therapy:

APS Therapy Research.cdr

Download your document with all APS Therapy researches. The document consist of 73 pages.