• How does it work?

How does APS Therapy work?

Actie Potentiaal APS

What is APS Therapy?

APS Therapy stands for Action Potential Simulation and is a revolutionary therapy that uses the APS machine to help the body to recover and regenerate as well as an increase in energy will happen. The APS machine sends a microcurrent signal to the human body to start the bodies own action potential  and release cellular energy.

The action potential is a communication signal that occurs in the nerve cell. Everytime an action potential occurs the cell will start exchanging matter like sodium and potassium. This activates the cell and also other intracellular processes will follow. This will have a positive effect on the communication ability of the cell and the cell will perform better in conducting signals.

What does APS Therapy do?

ATP Adenosinetrifosfaat APS Therapy

Due to the action potential the cell communication will be improved which will increase the cellular energy. This increase in energy is the result of an increase in ATP (Adenosinetriphosphate) which will be increase 5 to 8 times with the APS machine. The body will use this extra energy to heal tissue and and to reinstate the balance. When the energy is used the bodies own painkiller adenosine that is left in bound condition will manage and reduce the pain.
Another effect of the APS Therapy is the increased removal of waste products which will also be beneficial for pain management and a general well being.
Because the APS machine uses a unique microcurrent the APS Therapy can easily penetrate into deeper tissue. This way you can also address the deeper parts of the body. This makes APS Therapy unique compared to other therapy modalities.

How does the APS Therapy work?

beenThe APS machine is used to stimulate the action potential in the body. Adhesive electrodes are used to make contact with the human body and transfer the APS signal. The electrodes are applied on specific areas on the body in such way that the treatment is most effective. The APS Therapy signal does not hurt and is very comfortable and safe to use on the human body.