Action Potential Simulation – Pain relief with micro current


Welcome! …to the official website of APS Therapy, where pain relief is what we care about! A novel approach for pain relief and pain management!

APS Therapy is a revolutionary micro current treatment for pain relief. APS Therapy is in many ways different from other therapies due to the following features:

  • APS Therapy - private use - pain free - energy - less pain - pain reliefEasy applicable
  • Fully safe
  • Pain free
  • Affordable

You can use APS Therapy for:

  • Pain relief
  • Increase of energy
  • Quicker healing

These characteristics make APS Therapy market leader in the field of micro current therapy for many years. Due to years of development, APS Therapy is now successfully used in pain clinics, hospitals, doctors and therapy practices and do not forget, in people’s homes all over the world. APS Therapy is a form of electrotherapy (nerve stimulation) which was invented in the nineties and to date continuously developed. Scientific and clinical research has shown that the electrical energy used in APS Therapy causes significant biochemical reactions on cellular-level. The substances are released then, have an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing effect in the treated tissues. This opens interesting perspectives for health care as well as treatment of sports injuries. APS Therapy has no side effects and relatively few contraindications. The APS equipment is designed to be easy to use and there is no risk of errors. New! Our webshop is online! Click on the shop and you will find all APS products and can easily pay with Paypal! All products are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands and are built to the highest standards required as a medical class 2A device. Visit us at: Google+



The APS MK 4 Pro set is perfectly suited for professional use by therapists and doctors. This is the most enhanced version of the popular APS MK 4 series. This APS Therapy machine is equipped with all accessoiries and can be used for conditions like; energy related problems, chronic pain, acute pain, (sports) injuries.
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The APS MK 4 is the most popular model for private use. This APS Therapy machine can be used for conditions like; energy related problems, chronic pain, acute pain, (sports) injuries.
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