NHS merciful for people who need APS

nhsNHS pays for APS machines for English MS patients

The NHS (National Health Service) the healthinsurance of the UK takes care of health issues for UK citizens. At this moment clinical research is conducted in the UK for the effect of APS Therapy with people suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis). The initial results are of such joy that the NHS is compassionate for the patients that have benefit and need their own APS Therapy machine for self treatment. Many patients already have gotten their own APS MK4 machine which results in less medication and increase of quality of life.
The UK is an example in both patient awareness and commercial thinking. The patients with their own machine become less dependable, will claim less expensive clinic hours and use less expensive medication. Depending on the medication the investment of the machine is saved after 6 to 12 months. The NHS saved a lot of money and together we got to improve peoples lives.

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